lll▷ NO ZERO ROULETTE | Where To Play It

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lll▷ NO ZERO ROULETTE | Where To Play It



Of course it does exist!

So many gambling sites talk about NO Zero Roulette, but in reality they talk about "something else" while trying to divert the visitor's attention elsewhere.

Basically, very few sites talk about it, and most important, where to find it, shoud you wish to have a closer look at the reality of facts.

We do know about it since it's launch back in 2007!

So, here are the facts: This very particular roulette exists only and exclusively at Betvoyager, which is the only online casino in the world to have this game. Of course, this game is not available anywhere in land-based casinos either.

Betvoyager Casino developed NO Zero Roulette with in-house software and launched it online in 2007.  Then, with the years they have developed some other exclusive roulette games such as: No Zero Multiball Roulette, and No Zero Roulette Express, all with the same additional feature that, they all function without any house edge! This means that the games work on equal odds, and that with all the bets placed, the player has 50% chance to win against the house. As simple as that. All this is verified and certified.

As with any normal roulette, NO Zero Roulette has very simple and straighforward payouts of (35:1) for straight bets, but without having the infamous zero.

Therefore, by not having the zero, the casino does not have any advantage against the player.

Of course, the first question you would raise now would be: But how does the casino make money?

Very simply by charging a commission of 10% on all your winnings.

We believe this to be a very fair practice and, in fact, if Betvoyager is very popular in many developed countries worldwide, such as EU, Scandinavia, Canada, etc. proves their idea has been well received since its very first launch online.

Not only Betvoyager offers No Zero Roulette and other exclusive types of roulette, it also offers players the possibility to try all their games for free in demo mode, which is the best way to try out any strategy you might have in mind at zero risk.

Finally, Betvoyager is also famous for very fast payouts to customers.

Our personal experience confirms that most of the times payments are executed within 24 hours from the withdrawal request if done through an e-wallet such as NETELLER or SKRILL

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