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If you are a gambling enthusiast like us, then you know the excitement you experience every time you enter a land-based casino, especially in that of Monte Carlo or in the glittering casinos of Las Vegas or Macau. Before the online gambling event, many used all or some of their vacation days to visit a place where they could spend time playing in a casino among those on their favorites list. Obvious that this still happens, but with the data in hand, we can easily admit that online casinos have contributed not a little to bring down the turnout mentioned above, to the detriment of the land casino owners and in favor of the players.

Surely, many land-based casinos have modernized and equipped to offer online gaming as well, as in the case of THE HIPPODROME in London, which, in fact, can offer their services to players from all over the world via connection via webcam with live croupiers tables.

Thanks to the internet, we can safely say that technology has come to our aid in the field of gambling, and that it is no longer necessary to physically go to a land-based casino to enjoy the thrill of playing at a roulette table , poker, dice or other, with other people and live with a natural person who runs the roulette wheel and controls the game.

Through the online casinos with live dealers, for some years now it is possible to do everything from the comfort of our home, at any time of day or night, connected live via webcam in the dedicated gaming rooms, wherever they are located in the world!

So, no more trips outside our city, or even abroad for those who do not have land-based casinos in their country (because they are banned or otherwise), no more fees for hotels and restaurants, no tip for the croupier in case of winnings and no danger of being attacked outside the casinos at night after the goddess of fortune loved us that night.

In addition to the above, casino payments with live dealers are immediate and secure and the winnings are immediately credited to our account a few seconds after our victory.

The casinos listed here are the best for live dealer roulette players based on our experience. Without wasting time, you no longer have to research and ask things like: What are the betting limits on the roulette tables of the online casino of your interest?

Here you will find the essential elements among the most important to decide in which live casino to play according to your needs. It is always advisable to visit the site of your interest directly to learn more so as to make a final decision.

To you the choice.
How Do We Evaluate and Rate Online Casinos ?

Let's say that it is a painstaking review process to compile a list of top casinos.
There are so many parameters we follow to be able to come out with the final results, and some DO NOT get our approval and therefore are banned or rejected from being listed on this website.

Who We Are

We are a group of people passionate about gambling and online casinos. We play, analyze and review lots of gambling sites trying to bring you, the visitor, short, clear but honest valuable information. All the online casinos mentioned on our site hold a regular gambling licence, and we trust and believe to be the best in what they do to make players happy.

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