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Best Casinos for High Stakes Players

PLEASE NOTE: Welcome Bonuses are not displayed for all casinos, as they vary depending on your country of residence or IP address!

Up to €2.000
(No UK players) #Ad 18+ T&Cs appl​y
80 Roulette / Table limits min. €0.50 max €12.000

Up to €500
(No UK players) #Ad 18+ T&Cs appl​y
22 Roulette / Table Limits min.€0.50 max. €125.000

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New accounts only #Ad 18+ T&Cs appl​y
36 Roulette / Table Limits min. €0.25 max. €100.000

(Offer for UK) #Ad 18+ T&Cs appl​y
25 Roulette / Table Limits min. €0.50 max. €40.000

Up to €/$5.000
(Varies for UK) #Ad 18+ T&Cs appl​y
40 Roulette / Table Limits min. €0.50 max. €5.000

Up to €2000
(No UK players) #Ad 18+ T&Cs appl​y
26 Roulette / Table Limits min. €0.20 max. €10.000


Why play high roller roulette?

Almost certainly those looking for this type of information are experienced players who are perfectly aware of their economic and technical possibilities in the field of high-stake gambling.

The reasons why a player chooses an online roulette with high betting limits are to be found first of all in the type of game strategy carried out, which could include placing a large sum to positively conclude a game, without which we would have lost money. A striking example is that of the Martingale game strategy that requires doubling the bets previously lost and that if you do not have enough capital you risk ending up short in the deficit if you run into a long negative series and contrary to your game.

Live Roulette: Where the table limits are higher

The conventional online roulettes of most online casinos offer a maximum bet limit rarely exceeding € 5,000, although to tell the truth the most accepted maximum amount is much more around € 2500. So, if you want much higher table limits, you need to head to the live casino tables, as in the case of BetRebels, which accepts bets up to € 200,000

Most of the high roller online casinos selected by us are among the safest in the entire world panorama of the sector, therefore guaranteeing the player to place their money in healthy environments and authorized to offer this type of service, besides' to pay winnings to players. So, VIP and exclusive tables are ready to please the most demanding customers.

However, not only the betting limits are the most important aspect that characterizes the best online casinos for high stakes players listed on our site, but also the quality of the products from an audio-visual point of view, some of which are NetEnt and Evolution Gaming products, many times winners of important industry awards to the EGR as the best game of the year in which they competed.

Why are there no roulette tables without betting limits?

It will seem strange, but the fact that there are no roulette game tables without betting limits is to safeguard the interests of the players, in addition to those of the casino itself. In fact, if we take as an example a pointer that uses the Martingale strategy starting from a € 1 bet and doubling the same for 20 consecutive times always losing - but winning the 21st bet - it would win the player € 1,048.576 however, having at the end only € 1 more in assets than the total amount played which amounted to € 1,048,575 previously lost. The casino would have lost only € 1 and the player would have won only € 1. As you can see, everything seems almost meaningless in most cases.

It must also be said that if a player had truly unlimited financial resources, it would almost certainly lead to the online casino going bankrupt and with its failure find it impossible to pay the player, with a loss of many millions, certainly not within the reach of the richest gambling house currently in existence.

Welcome high stakes players, but with the limits you can find listed for each prestigious online casino listed above.
How Do We Evaluate and Rate Online Casinos ?

Let's say that it is a painstaking review process to compile a list of top casinos.
There are so many parameters we follow to be able to come out with the final results, and some DO NOT get our approval and therefore are banned or rejected from being listed on this website.

Who We Are

We are a group of people passionate about gambling and online casinos. We play, analyze and review lots of gambling sites trying to bring you, the visitor, short, clear but honest valuable information. All the online casinos mentioned on our site hold a regular gambling licence, and we trust and believe to be the best in what they do to make players happy.

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